A Golden (Girls) Investment

Whilst this post doesn’t exactly align with the purpose of this site I just couldn’t resist posting this knowing that there are a few of my followers that will just love this…and maybe make a purchase themselves. For those that were viewers of late 80’s sitcoms there was none more popular than The Golden Girls and now you can invest in a piece of television history…albeit recreated in paper. Alan of EverydayMiniatures has created an amazing 1:72 scale replica of Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia’s Miami house.

Photo via EverydayMiniatures/Etsy

The set includes the lounge, kitchen, entry and hallway. The detail is amazing and will bring back a lot of memories for viewers of the show.  For die hard fans you can even hunt for such things as 
Sophia’s bamboo purse in the living room, Rose’s painting of St. Olaf , Blanche’s Commemorative Citrus Festival Ball Plate (glued back together) and even the memorable cheesecake! As a bonus you also get the 4 ‘girls’ recreated in paper standing about 1 inch tall.

Photo via EverydayMiniatures/Etsy

At around $200 AUD it’s not the cheapest piece of paper you’ll ever buy but for some fans of the show it’s absolute gold and you’ll need to get in quick as the first run of these sold out quickly. If you’re impressed by creative people recreating buildings in impressive miniature detail you might also like to check out the
Ghostbusters HQ replica or this amazing version of the Friends Apartment