Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Donald Trump – The Barefoot Investor

When it comes to investing in property everyone seems to be an expert and is full of advice, both good and bad. You’ll hear disaster stories by the bucket load and I often suggest that a lot of this information comes from people who have not experienced property investing themselves. You’ll hear “I have a friend that had a terrible experience when…” etc, etc. So going on this philosophy you’d be inclined to think that advice from someone who has done it before would be a lot more useful. Often it is, but you still need to approach it with a critical eye and always ask yourself when receiving advice from someone, what’s in it for them? This, I’d also strongly recommend when attending one of the many property investment workshops or seminars that are frequently marketed to the masses. There are lots to choose from and whilst some are very informative and useful, there are also ones out there that are simply a sales pitch.

When browsing through the blog from Scott Pape at The Barefoot Investor I came across the article below highlighting that even when the advice is coming from one of the most successful real estate tycoons of all time you can still be taken for a ride. Click below and read on…

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Donald Trump – The Barefoot Investor


Invest in some political history.

art-gillard-620x349mainIn early August I published a post about our former Prime Minister Julia Gillard snapping up some new multi-million dollar digs in South Australia. Not surprisingly a few months later we hear that the PM’s former house in suburban Altona is now on the market. Our first female PM purchased her modest Altona home for $140,000 and now it’s expected to sell in excess of $600,000. Not surprisingly the internet listing has had a huge amount of hits with thousands logging on to have a look. The first open for inspections are occurring this weekend with the Auction scheduled for Saturday December 14th. So dust off your empty fruit bowl and get the cheque book ready, Julia and Tim’s love nest could be yours if the price is right!

You can also view the DOMAIN Video by clicking here.

It’s real estate reality!

I’m a sucker for some reality TV and when it’s combined with real estate I’m in heaven. I’ve been addicted for a good while to Million Dollar Listing which is an American reality series filmed in a similar way to the Real Housewives series (they may not admit it but I know several readers that are regular viewers), There are series set in both LA and New York and each feature a range of over the top and outrageous properties being sold by even more over the top and outrageous real estate agents. Below are a couple of clips from previous seasons. If you love big properties and big personalities then I’d recommend getting into what some would describe as real estate porn!

A slam dunk for around $29 million

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a stunner of a celebrity property but I’m thinking that if this one doesn’t fit the bill then I’ll never find one that will. Offered up for sale in February last year at a measly $29,000,000, Michael Jordan’s custom designed home of 20 years failed to find a buyer. Now it’s up for auction this time and if you can cough up the $250,000 just to register as a bidder then you could be in the running!

The home itself is a massive 56,000 square feet and is located on 7.39 acres of land about half an hour outside of Chicago. Whilst there is no shortage of space to sleep with 9 bedrooms available, you could go for almost 3 weeks without having to use the same bathroom twice (there are 19!) and 2 weeks without having to park your luxury car in the same spot (there are 15 heated car spaces!). Check out the agent’s video below to see more of this amazing home and not surprisingly it comes with it’s own basketball court.