Celebrity stalking

You’ll have to forgive me for being all a bit L.A. focused for a while with an imminent trip to the states on the horizon. I do love a bit of celebrity stalking so why not combine that with my passion for all thing bricks and mortar and do some celebrity home spotting!back-of-house-dusk

I’ve started early, and long before I need to pack my bags, by having a look what might be around. The first I’ve spotted on the market is the former home of Kirk Douglas currently on the market for $17 million. Whilst I go and dust off the checkbook click on the image to have a better look at what you could get for your money! It’s being listed by Hilton and Hyland real estate brokers in Beverly Hills (yes, the Hilton’s are related although you won’t see Paris putting out the open for inspection sign). Have a look through their website if you want to see some amazing homes!


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