It’s enough to make you dizzy!

___images_stories_uae_newsbox_jpg_w_108_h_150Now here are some buildings that you wont see everyday, and you currently cannot see at all as they aren’t built, but the following ‘dynamic buildings’ designed by Architect David Fischer of Dynamic Architecture are a sight to behold. One of the first is a ‘dynamic hotel’ that was slated to be built in Dubai and if this would fit anywhere then it looks like Dubai would be it. The Dubai building would allow each floor to be independently rotated and for it to be controlled by the occupant, each floor could rotate 360 degrees in 90 minutes. See below for an impressive demonstration. Unfortunately in 2012 the building’s developer put the project on hold and announced plans for a Dynamic Tower in London.

Some of the other target cities include Paris and London among others.

Video via Dynamic Architecture

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