A house fit for an (ex) Prime Minister

Without wanting to declare my political leanings I’ve always been a fan of Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard. So after recent events with Kevin Rudd taking back the top job, what is a former PM to do as far as getting some distinguished digs? Well considering that Julia purchased her former home in Altona for a modest $140,000 in 1998 but has been used to living in The Lodge and Kirribilli for the last few years I’m guessing that her standards have gone up (nothing against Altona…well not much). Word on the street is that Julia and the former ‘first bloke’ Tim Mathieson have snapped up a new abode in her former home town of Adelaide. A sold sticker was placed on the for sale board out the front of the Adelaide property earlier this week and it is believed that the property has been purchased through a buyer’s agent for a price around the 2 million dollar mark. Interestingly the listing by the agent has now been removed.

That being said, if Julia and Tim have purchased this new love nest then they’ll be able to enjoy a 12-person spa, a commercial pizza oven, a nine-burner barbecue and even a secret trap door that leads to a wine cellar. Let’s hope that there is an invite to their housewarming BBQ soon!

The $2m Adelaide house boasts a modern interior.


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