Moneysmart-compassThanks to my good friend and avid reader of my blog Renee for reminding us of the great website and also their Facebook page. The website is full of great (and sensible) suggestions and ideas looking at money management, borrowing, credit and importantly property investing just to name a few. It’s an Australian site but a lot of the information could be utilised wherever you may be living. The Facebook page poses regular questions to readers about their own thoughts on money management and contains some excellent (and provocative) discussions. Posted yesterday was the question ‘Do you think it’s easier to rent or buy a home?‘ Check it out and see what people are thinking. Is there a right or wrong answer to this question? The range of discussion suggests maybe not! There is also a MoneySmartAu YouTube channel that has a range of videos on some really useful money management ideas.


Join in the discussion here!

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