The Top Mistakes made by new Property Investors

Some wise words on things to consider when taking the first step on the property investment ladder!


So what do you think the top mistakes are that the newbie property investor makes? Buying the wrong property? Choosing bad tenants?  Well lets see:

 1 – Not pulling the trigger

You keep finding excuses not to buy. The market isn’t right, you don’t have time to devote to searching for the right property, you are worried about making mistakes. Well, there is never a good time, and you will make the odd mistake or two. So don’t panic and just go for it.

2 – You get what you pay for

Buy cheap, get cheap. So you need to go for a well maintained solid property. You don’t have to buy the top of the line properties, but you have to buy a property that isn’t going to kill you on the maintenance costs either.

 3 – It’s not all about rent

A positively geared property is a great…

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