Garage Doors — What can go wrong?

Garage Doors -- What can go wrong? With an investment property you need to create a balance between having amenities that appeal to tenants, while eliminating the ones that can create headaches – such as having a pool.

Having an automatic garage door isn’t really a ‘must have’, it’s a ‘nice to have’. But if you have a garage, the chances are it will not be manual and therefore has a high probability of creating issues. When there are issues, they usually need to be corrected immediately, this is especially true if the garage has internal access.

So what can go wrong?

  • Lost remotes are a common occurrence and are usually easy to replace. You need to consider if you will replace them on your dime, or if you are going to make your tenant pay for the loss.
  • Door opener when they jam half way or doesn’t work, they need to be fixed.
  • Broken springs  and…

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