First Class Friday

Here’s a little bit of property porn to finish off the week. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I wouldn’t say no to sleeping in one of the spare bedrooms. If you’re a regular Bravo watcher you may recognise the property developer Mohammed Hadid who when not designing mega-mansions is usually seen hanging out with one of the housewives of Beverly Hills.

And looking at the footage below it appears that they didn’t use their phone to take the footage. I guess when it’s on the market for $195,000,000 you can afford to get a proper film crew in, it is LA!


One thought on “First Class Friday

  1. I’ll bunk down in the room next to you Glenn! All I really need for a great holiday is a glass of wine (from the private winery) and that couch to sit by the fire and read a book or twenty. A couple more glasses of wine and you might find me in the bowling aley or on the revolving dancefloor….

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