Renovation Rescue – Getting a head-start

So after settlement of this property I had a few busy weeks prior to being able to take some solid time off to really sink my teeth into this renovation project and I wasn’t going to be able to spend more than a day at the property. I knew that at the most I could allocate two weeks off from work to get this project done so I was eager to still utilise any time that I had in the lead up to the two weeks in order to make things progress along. The first thing I was going to do was spend the one day that I did have at the property to do some fairly dramatic work in the front garden to prepare it for re-planing with some leafy and low maintenance plants. Getting rid of the un-loved plants that were there and revitalising the soil was my goal for the day, unfortunately 30 years worth of plants didn’t all come out as easy as I first thought. The end result after a lot of hard work provides the blank canvas that I was after however. See below.

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The other thing I wanted to do was to renew the kitchen and bedroom cupboards and drawers with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware. This was a great job to do on the move so I removed all of the doors and drawers and took them home with me. Even though I was not at the property I was still able to renew all of the doors and drawers which has saved a lot of time since being back at the property. A fresh paint, some modern new handles and a trick I learnt from YouTube to remove paint from old hinges and they are ready to go! I’m pretty chuffed with the before and afters!

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Tomorrow out come the paint brushes!


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