Renovation Rescue – Day 2

Day one of the project has been and gone with what seems like not a lot to show for it. Most of it was spent getting supplies and once I get in to Bunnings or Masters it’s difficult to get me out the front door so an hour or two quickly disappeared. Returning to the property laden with supplies such as paint, rollers, cleaning products and the “must do’ for every new property purchase (a new toilet seat) it was time to get cracking. The day flew past getting the place in order to make a solid start and the rubbish bin was soon full. For a vacant property it’s amazing the stuff you can get out of it that you don’t want. Down came old window furnishings, 30 year old lamp shades, cupboard linings, the old toilet seat and a surprising amount of wall hooks, nails and other fasteners that does make you wonder how much stuff (and what) people hang on their walls. The final focus was on the bedroom which is going to be the first quick win with a wash down of the ceiling and walls in readiness for painting which brings us to day two, today!

Ceiling white can work absolute miracles…as far as paint can work miracles. Although I’d washed down the ceiling and walls, the first coat of paint on the ceiling made an amazing difference. Even after just painting about a metre of the cornice I had to stand back and admire the difference. it was all the encouragement I needed to get the first coat on and what a difference! The photos below speak for themselves. Two coats were achieved on the ceiling and then an idea struck. The bedroom wardrobes have sure seen better days and have certainly seen numerous people’s clothes in them over the years. A quick coat of ceiling white (one coat did the trick) and you’ve got a fresh and clean spot to store as may Gucci handbags as you like!

The other great improvement for the day ably completed by my hard working foreman on the job (my father) was to start painting out the window frames. Formerly completed in a colour that can only be achieved by eating some 3 day old takeaway curry that you’ve left out in the sun, a fresh coat of gloss paint that matches the lighter wall colour brought it into this century kicking and screaming. Before you knew it the day was done and it was time to wash out the brushes and plan for day 3 which will involve an ebay purchase that I’m very proud of!

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