Renovation Rescue – Day 4

At the end of yesterday’s post I said that today I would work on getting the carpet to match the curtains…I’d like to forewarn all readers to avoid typing this in to Google and hitting images. It certainly didn’t assist in any way to help me choose colours for new carpets, vinyl or curtains. It was however, quite a learning experience but not anything you’ll see on any home renovation shows any time soon. In all seriousness though, today had a target in mind and that was to order new floor coverings and to get some curtains and drapes for the bedroom and lounge.

I had arranged quotes for carpets and vinyl a few weeks earlier when I was not at the property and I’m glad I did as this was an immediate time saver. Knowing who I was going to get to supply and install the floor coverings all I had to do was select what I wanted. The criteria was simple – new, hard wearing, inexpensive (for carpet) and a more modern look than what was already there. About 45 minutes after walking in the store I walked out having selected ‘Pebble Bay’ carpet for the lounge and bedroom (I don’t think it describes the colour but see the pics) and a complementing vinyl which I’m sure will hide a lot of sins over the coming years. Installation is occurring next week so stay tuned.

In the car I then go to Spotlight as I’ve got a meeting booked with my other renovation consultant (my mum) to look at curtains and drapes. If I thought the speed of choosing the carpets was going to reflect this stage I was wrong. After the two of us rummaged through the entire store I had undergone a crash course in sheer, blockout, drops, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, overhangs etc, etc. Thanks goodness mum was there to guide me through (and to pester the very patient sales staff). After quite some time and holding on to about 10 different pairs of curtains (just in case someone else picked them up and we decided they were the ones we wanted), we settled on 2 sets in different colours (this is me taking a risk here people, I live on the edge) as well as some simple sheer curtain to go behind the blockout drapes…phew, I need a drink.

Back to the property, a quick paint around the cornices in the bedroom to finish them off, another window sill painted out in the bathroom, hanging the sheer over the bedroom and lounge windows (I’ll leave the drapes until after the carpets are in) and it was amazingly another day done.

Tomorrow I’m expecting a visit fromĀ someone who will hopefully brighten up my day!

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