Renovation Rescue – Day 3

After the great results yesterday with a coat of paint on the bedroom ceiling, the non-stop, thrill a minute wild ride that is painting continued today (it’s hard to make this sound exciting). It probably took almost all day day to get two coats on the walls, but with drying time in the middle it allowed some other minor tasks to be completed (like going to get a new mirror for above the bedroom dresser). Returning from the hardware store with a fairly large mirror still intact (and no bad luck caused by breaking it) the finished product looked excellent. The room went from a space that had not been lived in for a number of years and was dirty and marked everywhere you looked, to a space which was bright, fresh and clean (I do love a good before and after as you’ll see over the next week and a half).

Basking in the glow of the newly refreshed room it was time to try out my favorite ebay purchase that I’ve made in the last week. I’ve been looking for a specific style of light shade being a wide drum shaped fitting. Originally thinking this would be for the lounge I went searching and found one for sale ‘locally’. Originally purchased for $130 (or so the owners said), they had moved house and took it with them. It was listed for a starting bid of $10 and fortunately for me there was no-one else around that had a particular longing for a wide drum shaped light shade (amazing, I know…). $10 and a bloody long drive out to near the airport and back again and I had my desired shade. As I said, originally I thought it would suit the lounge but due to the nature of the shade it filters the light quite a bit so I thought I’d try it in the bedroom. Once it was up I decided that was where it would stay, mainly because I thought it finished off the space perfectly, secondly because it was a pain to install so it wasn’t coming back down!

Tomorrow I need to make sure the carpets match the curtains 😉

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