Renovation Rescue – Day 6

Day 6 of the renovation was shaping up to be a big one from the beginning. I overlooked mentioning yesterday that I decided to put the carpet up for sale online and actually had a bite. Unfortunately I had only pulled up the carpet in the bedroom so still had the lounge carpet to tear up. As an interlude before I continue, it reminded me of this video…

At 8:30 am I had a call from the purchaser and I still hadn’t torn it up so within about 3 minutes it was pulled up, rolled up and out the front of the house just as the man was walking down the driveway…phew! $20 and 10 minutes later he was driving off with a truck full of 30 year old carpet, there’s obviously a buyer for everything out there.

Today’s other major activity was to have the front windows on the veranda replaced. Although a somewhat unusual arrangement (and probably not original) this glassed in area creates a nice entrance to the house and somewhat of a small sun room at the front. It’s also consistent with all of the other units in the block. Unfortunately although the glass was ok the frame had seen better days and was ready to fall out (check out the photos to see how bad it was). A new window had been measured and ordered a few weeks prior so it was timed to be installed whilst all of the works were being completed. Fortunately the installers were right into it and in no time the old window was out. I gave them a hand to put the new window in (like I know what I’m doing) and they finished it off nicely with some neat flashing around the framework. Whilst I was initially unsure about having this replaced (I thought we’d just get rid of it completely) I’m glad that we did as it looks really good and gives the impression of an additional space attached to the unit. It’s also good as the winters here get pretty cold. I still have a few finishing touches to do here which I’ll complete over the next week and will finish it off nicely.

Finally, it was a really pleasant surprise to get a visit from my long-timeĀ friend Ryan who is a much more accomplished renovator than I am (check out he’s work here…yes, I’ve pinched his blogging idea). I greatly appreciated his encouragement and I cannot wait for him to see the finished product next week. The picture of us below shows us highlighting the mystery stains all over the internal brick wall…we have some theories but it may forever remain a mystery.

Tomorrow it’s time to finally put my green thumb to work!

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