Renovation Rescue – Day 7

It’s finally the half way point!

After one busy week I’m really pleased with the progress that has been made and the renovation is pretty much going to plan and is on schedule. Considering that it’s been 7 full days of 8am starts and 5pm finishes (just like being at work really) I thought that to keep myself motivated and to top up my energy I needed to take a short break. Finishing up early at 3pm yesterday I got in the car and headed back to Melbourne for a night in my own bed and a glass or two of wine. Waking up refreshed it was a good opportunity to do some shopping in the big smoke prior to heading back to the property so off I went to Ikea. After and hour or two out I walked with armfuls of purchases including curtain rods, roller blinds, towel rails and some other great (and inexpensive) bits and pieces. The other thing I did prior to heading back to the reno was to raid our garden at home in preparation for planting out the gardens beds at the property.

It’s great to have a well maintained garden but in a rental property you have to be fortunate to get a tenant that is eager to look after a garden, so if you can include greenery but also low maintenance then it’s win-win. We have a garden full of agapanthus at our home that I was eager to get rid of and they were still very healthy…problem solved. These would be perfect to split up and plant out in the garden beds at the property. They’ll fill out the garden beds, keep the weeds down, survive dry environments and require minimal care. Within a short time not only did I have my Ikea purchases but also a car full of plants and along the freeway I went back to the property!

Although it was only a short break away I felt refreshed and was eager to get back to the work. Once back it was time to dig up the smaller of the garden beds and get some of the plants in. Instantly the outside of the place looked much better. Although wilted at the moment, I’m sure the plants will take off after a good drink of water and fill out well. I can’t wait to also plant out the larger garden bed (maybe in a few days time). As you’ll see in the pictures I also installed some sheer blinds in the new veranda window, thanks Ikea, they are just what I was after! 

Tomorrow I’ll be removing something from the property that I’ve hated from day one…

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